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Aruba Airport To Start Rehabilitation Project for Gates 1 and 2

Aruba Airport To Start Rehabilitation Project for Gates 1 and 2

Aruba Airport to begin rehabilitation project for Gates 1 and 2

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) will begin a $7 million rehabilitation project on aircraft parking positions 1 and 2. The project will entail the complete replacements of the concrete surfaces, installation of the infrastructure for a fuel hydrant system, and the relocation of new foundations for the passenger boarding bridges, in order to increase the size of gate 2 to accommodate wide-body, category E aircraft types such as B-787 and A-330. The project will conclude with the installation of 2 new passenger boarding bridges. The project is part of the airport’s on-going capital improvement program to renew assets that are reaching their end of life, and where possible, improve the flexibility of the airport facilities.

The project will take place in two (2) phases; phase 1, will begin on Monday, July 3rd, and will require the closure of aircraft positions 2 and 3 for a period of 6 weeks. At the completion of phase 1, Phase 2 will begin, whereby, gate 3 will return to service, and gates 1 and 2 will be closed for a period of 4 months, with an expected completion by December 14th.   The gate closures will create a number of challenges for the day to day operation of the airport; however, several work-around processes and procedures have been put into place to minimize the impact on passenger and aircraft operations.

Airport Development Manager Monthy Croes is very optimistic about the project: “This project has been thoroughly planned out and we are excited to start with the execution. There is never a good time to reduce capacity at an airport that is operating at peak traffic volumes, however, this project is mission critical for the upkeep of our airport facilities, and when completed, gives the operations team more flexibility in their gate planning, and also renews old and outdated infrastructure, which is paramount for maintaining the reliability expected at a modern airport facility. Our focus will be on ensuring that this project is delivered on time, before the peak winter season


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