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Australia would not survive without mining- Gina Rinehart

Australia would not survive without mining- Gina Rinehart

Over this past weekend the Head of Hancock Prospecting- Gina Reinehart at a small Business Association of Australia (SBBA) program highlighted that the negativity aimed at the Mining industry was unfounded and needs to stop because of the importance of the Sector to the Australian economy.

The mining industry currently supports the Australian economy with about $200 Billion annually in foreign income which remains the largest amongst all sectors.

She said the negativity aimed at the mining industry needs to stop, stating Australia would be unable to survive without the sector.

“My question to the short-sighted is, do you really think we could survive without mining?

“If they are honest, the answer is no,” Rinehart said.

Hancock Prospecting company is behind the $7 billion Roy Hill iron ore mine in Western Australia, and is also vying to build the $10 billion dollar Alpha coal project in Queensland.

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