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Brazil : 2014 Elections and Economy

Brazil : 2014 Elections and Economy

With Brazilians voting in a general election on the 5/10/14 the current state of the economy will play a major part in determining who gets elected. Brazil , South America’s largest economy has fallen into recession. The economy has shrunk by 0.6% in the second quarter of this year and by 0.2% in the first quarter. Expectation for Brazilian growth for the year is a mere 1% and inflation is rising rapidly. Since 2012 Brazil’s economy has been lauded for its tremendous growth , making it the sixth largest economy in the world , worth approximately $2.5 trillion. this growth was primarily driven by high food and oil prices. So the recently published set of poor results will make it tough for Brazil’s incumbent President , Dilma Rouseff of the Workers Party , to win the next election. Her chief opponent , Marina Silva of the Socialist Party is said to stand an excellent chance of succeeding in becoming Brazil’s next president and investors are keeping a keen eye as to who wins and therefore how this will impact on what they do with their monies

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