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Brazil’s Petrobras Sees Spike In Gas Production

Brazil’s Petrobras Sees Spike In Gas Production

Brazilian oil & Gas giant Petrobras has reported recorded levels of domestic production of natural gas. This new record set has seen a 0.2% increase in its previous month’s production which now takes local output to 71.137 million m³/d

There was also an increase in the natural gas produced abroad for the month of August by 3.1% (15.807 million m³/d) to 16.293 million m³/d. Petrobras gas production, including production managed for partner companies, reached 80.132 million m³/d.

This rise is due to the production ramp-up in Lot 57, Kinteroni Field (Peru), driven by higher demand for LNG exports, the company said in a statement

Press Release: Petrobras

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