Djibouti Data Center (DDC)

Djibouti Data Center (DDC)

DDC a fairly recent addition to East Africa’s internet technology industry is determined to increase access and reduce costs for the region.

A group of regional and international investors have set up DDC in East Africa which importantly is connected to eight fiber optic cables which in turn are part of the main internet route between Europe and Asia. Djibouti Data Center (DDC), set up by a group of local and international investors 18 months ago, is the first data center and internet exchange in east Africa connected to eight fibre optic cables that are part of the main internet route from Europe to Asia. Based in Dijibouti , the company planed to expand into Kenya , South Sudan and Somalia and eventually into other area.”The Djibouti market itself may be small, but the DDC serves as a unique gateway hub to the many millions of customers in these neighboring east Africa countries,” said Anthony Voscarides, CE of Djibouti Data Center. Historically , internet access has been relatively high across East Africa. For instance , it is estimated that 16% of Kenya’s GDP per capita is needed for broadband access , compared to 6% for South Africa and 2% for Europe. In Uganda the figure is as high as 60%. Only 2% of Ethiopians have access to broadband , whilst Kenya is the biggest market with an internet penetration of 40%.

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