How Consumers Feel About Sustainability

How Consumers Feel About Sustainability

Ask a thousand people how they feel about sustainability, and you’ll probably get a thousand unique responses. For the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, that’s okay – they just want to make sure farmers are a part of the conversation.

“For USFRA, no question about agriculture is off the table,” says chairwoman Nancy Kavazanjian. “We know that impact on the environment is a frequent conversation when it comes to food production. While farmers and ranchers are stewards of the land, we have not always been vocal voices in the environmental conversation, and we want that to change.”

The group recently wrapped up its consumer survey on farming, ranching and sustainability. Kavazanjian says the findings reveal some opportunities for farmers and ranchers to better engage in conversations about their sustainability practices. There’s room for improvement, she says.

For example, a minority of respondents (47%) agreed with the statement, “The way that most of today’s farming and ranching operations in the U.S. grow and raise food meets the standards of sustainability.” Of those, 59% of men and just 37% of women were in agreement.

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