The company has been created in 1966 by the French group PUK (Pechiney Ugine Kuhlman) with the name of COMINA (Compagnie Minière d ’Andriamena).

In 1976, COMINA changed its trade name into ‘KRAOMITA MALAGASY’ (Limited Company), KRAOMA SA.

Production capacity:

Quantity of products are 90’000 mt /year of lumpy and 60’000 mt / year of concentrate.

The beneficiation process includes:
– The crushing unit
– The grinding mill unit with steelballs
– The beneficiation plant related to gravimetrically washing on vibrating tables and spirales for concentrates
– The Heavy Media Separation plant for lumpy.

CR2O3 48% min
Ratio Cr/Fe 2.4/1 min
SiO2 4% max
Al2O3 13-16%
MgO 12-14%
FeO 17-18%
P (phosphorus) 0,009 % max
H2O content 4% max
Size distribution 90% between 40-1000 microns max

Port Facilities :

Stock pile for chrome ore inside the port of Toamasina measures 8’900 square meters, receiving 60’000 mt stocks ready for shipping.

Vessel requirements are:
– Capacity : 20’000-25’000 mt
– Length : 150 meters
– Draught : 9.80 meters
– Beam : 25 meters
– Hatches : 4 hatches, single deck
– Cranes : 4 x 15 mt capacity

Research and Development

KRAOMA S.A. is owner of 1’112 square kilometers of mining permits in the Andriamena area, and also of 1’100 square kilometres in the Maevatanana area. These licences are valid for chrome ore, gold and beryllium.

The company develops now its concentrate chrome ore into chemical, refractory and foundry sands. Partners are showing big interest on these new projects

The University of Antananarivo (Ecole Polytechnique d’Antananarivo) – Mining and Geology Department works with Kraoma in research domain.

Future and perspective of kraoma:

KRAOMITA MALAGASY has opened a new mine in 2005, with a potential capacity of
2,5 million tons of chrome. The company is also exploring other sites.. Besides the increase of production from this new mine, exports will be boosted to China, Japan and the European Union. With production schedule of 150’000 MT of chrome ore per year, KRAOMA expects to renew its electric power installation and drinking water circuit as well as its stocking and supply of fuel in the mine site.

These projects will obviously have effects on social life and area’s development surrounding KRAOMA’s mine site.

At present, the Company uses tugging and vessel cranes for loading operation at Toamasina Port, which means a long immobilization of the vessel during 10 days for an expedition of 20’000 MT. Above mechanism should be ameliorated.

– Located in Indian Ocean (Island)
– 1.596.000 square Kilometers
– Population : 20.000.000
– Rainy season : from December to March
– Kraoma Andriamena is the mine site
– Toamasina is the Port for export operations.

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