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Montes del Plata industrial complex is officially inaugurated

Montes del Plata industrial complex is officially inaugurated

Colonia, 8 September 2014. Montes del Plata officially has inaugurated its industrial complex in Punta Pereira, department of Colonia, Uruguay.
The country´s highest-ranking officials, including President José Mujica, participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony at the facilities along with 1,500 guests.
USD 2,270 million have been invested in the pulp mill. Additionally, USD 230 million have been invested in a port with piers for barges and ocean-bound vessels. These projects entail the largest private investment in the history of Uruguay.
The high-tech industrial complex, which began industrial production in June 2014, includes a state-of-the-art pulp production mill, a port terminal and a biomass power plant.
Montes del Plata´s pulp mill has a nominal production capacity of 1.3 million tonnes of pulp per year and can reach its peak authorized production of 1.45 million tonnes per year Eucalyptus fibre wood, sourced mainly the company´s FSC® certified forestry plantations located throughout 11 departments in Uruguay. Production will employ the world`s best available techniques for the pulp sector by following IPPC BAT European Union standards.
The mill is the last link of a value chain that provides over 5,000 full-time equivalent jobs (including direct, indirect and induced jobs). As a whole, these jobs provide accumulated net wages of USD 100 million per year. Montes del Plata general manager Luis María Rodríguez stated in the inaugural a speech that “it is the work of the more than 5,000 people who participate in the long and fruitful production chain ranging the nursery to the port that has turned this dream into a reality.”
In its initial operation, the industrial complex will inject USD 844 million into Uruguay´s GDP.
Additionally, the power generation plant will supply up to 80 MW to the national grid through renewable and sustainable transformation of biomass. This electricity can provide power to 200,000 homes.
Montes del Plata is a forestry company founded in Uruguay in 2009. Its objective is to produce and export Eucalyptus cellulose pulp to major world markets by operating in an efficient and sustainable manner an environmental, economic and social perspective.
This project was made possible by the union in Uruguay of two large forestry sector companies: Arauco and Stora Enso. The new company is influenced by its Chilean and Swedish-Finnish origins and employs the world`s most demanding standards.
During the inaugural event, general manager Luis María Rodríguez noted that “everything that has been done up to this day, everything that has been invested, only makes sense and creates true value in the future.” He added that beyond the satisfaction of the inauguration ” we are fully aware of the great responsibility we have ahead of us to ensure that this project, which is now a reality, sustainably produces the fruits we expect it for many years to come.”
Mr. Rodríguez concluded by reflecting on Uruguay as a site for investment. “As Uruguayans we aspire for Montes del Plata to be seen today, and in the future, as an example. An example within the country and for the world that Uruguay is a place worthy of investing with confidence and certainty and that long-term projects, such as this one, can be accomplished and brought to fruition.”

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