Oman to build a 50MW wind farm in Dhofar for US$125mn

Oman to build a 50MW wind farm in  Dhofar for US$125mn

Recent reports suggest that Oman is going to switch as much as it can to renewable energy. With investment high in Oman and the number of infrastructure projects increasing rapidly the country will lessen its reliance on oil and gas resources. As industrial projects increase the demand for electricity will grow rapidly and it is believed that current oil and gas reserves are not sufficient to meet this demand.

It is estimated that the wind farm will meet will meet 50 per cent of the total demand during winter. According to Oman’s Rural Areas Electricity Co (RAEC) the wind farm should be operational by 2017.

The project will be coordinated by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co (Masdar) and funded by the government of Abu Dhabi. It is intended that contractors in Oman will benefit greatly when tenders are considered.

The country is planning to launch several more renewable projects in 2015

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