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SENER celebrates 60 years of entrepreneurship and innovation

SENER celebrates 60 years of entrepreneurship and innovation

Madrid (Spain), January 27, 2016 – The SENER engineering and technology group will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in 2016. It has grown into a multidisciplinary international group which offers solutions in Aeronautics, Engineering and Construction, and Energy and Environment. Boasting a team of around 6,000 highly qualified professionals in offices around the world, SENER is recognized for its ability to innovate.

SENER was founded on the basis of three important premises: to create high-quality projects, to anticipate the industry’s problems with innovative solutions, and to be independent and flexible in order to adapt to the market’s demands. These three principals have been maintained over the years and have allowed it to be transformed into a benchmark company in all its business sectors.

In Aeronautics, SENER is the majority shareholder (with a 53.125% stake) of ITP, the only aircraft engine company in Spain and ninth in the world for sales within the aeronautical engine and components sector. Within the Engineering & Construction sector, SENER successfully participates in the Aerospace, Infrastructure and Transport, Power, Oil & Gas and Marine industries: SENER supplies equipment and design and production services for Space, Aeronautics and Vehicles, and Defense, and is the prime contractor for complex systems and complete missions. It provides comprehensive services in Infrastructure and Transport, with a presence throughout the project lifecycle. It is a turnkey contractor, as well as providing operation and maintenance, for large power plants (gas, cogeneration and combined cycles, refining and petrochemicals, and renewable energy). It is a leading player in the global marine design and construction market thanks to the launch of the FORAN System – a CAD/CAM/CAE software developed by SENER that has been at the forefront of this sector for the past fifty years – and it continues to work as a technical marine office in ship engineering projects. Finally, it promotes innovative initiatives in the Energy and Environment sector, such as Zabalgarbi or Torresol Energy, on which it uses in-house technology.

Recently, the President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, made the following assessment: “We are proud for having built a business that has continued to enjoy success and active growth for sixty years. For having created quality employment and, as a result, supporting many families and contributing to the professional development of many engineers. For service to the community due to our engineering and construction projects that improve the lives of people across the globe. For the company’s family ownership. And for our diversification based on innovative initiatives and centered around finding the most effective solutions for tackling problems.” Learn more.

Further information:
SENER history timeline (PDF downloadable)

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