The principles of ecology are the driving forces behind the concept of sustainable agriculture. It has been defined as ‘an integrated system of plant and animal production practices having site specific applications that will last over the long term’. Here are five practices used throughout the world in terms of sustainable farming:

1. Crop rotation can help restore nutrients consumed by previous crops.Crop rotation can also help stop the transmission of diseases.
2. Varied crops. Using seeds from various growers , ensuring small differences , combats disease wiping out a whole crop and encourages genetic diversity.
3. Pest management means combining different techniques helps make an effective pest control system. The practice of of using pest resistant crops , rotating crops and using beneficila insects , means the spread of deadly diseases taking root diminishes.
4.Natural Predators. By encouraging natural predators of pests will have a beneficial impact on crops.
5. Alternative Energy. Over and above the use of solar wind energy , there exists other ways of harnessing energy from different sources. These include , hydro electric power , and bio fuels. Bio diseasal for example can be effectively produced from cottonseed oil.

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