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UN Climate Summit – Actions for Responsible Transport

UN Climate Summit – Actions for Responsible Transport

Members of the UN Climate summit have passed four key initiatives to make worldwide transport greener and to save trillions of dollars in the process.
Based on findings by the International Atomic energy Agency , IAEA , adopting more sustainable transport could result in savings of up to $70 trillion.
The host of measures include increasing the number of new bus and metro lines to increasing the number of electric vehicles and introducing car and bike sharing.

In terms of trains , countries such as russia , china , India and the USA have introduced the Low Carbon Sustainable Transport challenge to encourage the use of rails for freight and transport..
Experts advise that transport makes up circa a quarter of greenhouse emissions and a fifth of energy used. Furthermore , buy in fro the private sector is crucial for success:“Mobilizing support from the private sector is vital to enable us to implement technological breakthroughs in urban mobility” said Joan Clos, UN-Habitat Executive Director, in a statement.

Commitment to sustainable transport mobilized at UN Climate Summit

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