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Water project in Lebanon- World Bank to contribute $474m

Water project in Lebanon- World Bank to contribute $474m

It is reported that circa half of Lebanon’s population will suffer water shortages in the near future.
In response government authorities are to build a sizable dam in Chouf village.The dam will be built over several years and when completed will ensure that 1.6 million people will benefit who live across Greater Beirut and Mount Lebanon, according to the world Bank.
A director for the World Bank , Mr. Ferid Belhaj, said the project was ‘an investment in the future of Lebanon’. Over and above the World Bank’s loan, the Islamic Development Bank will also provide US$128mn.
Mr . Belhaj said that the project is part of the Lebanese government’s 2012 National Water Sector Strategy whose main aim is to improve the population;s access to water and to increase the country’s irrigation systems.
The World Bank and Lebanese government bodies will liaise closely to ensure timely delivery of these projects.

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