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World Energy Leaders Unite To Accelerate Clean Energy Revolution

World Energy Leaders Unite To Accelerate Clean Energy Revolution

More than 20 countries from six continents met recently at the sixth Clean Energy Ministerial, or CEM, in Mérida, Mexico and discussed a path forward to accelerate a global clean energy revolution that is already underway. Underpinning this revolution are technology innovation and increasing market share that combine to drive down clean energy costs.

The countries that met in Mexico may have different priorities for advancing clean energy while fostering economic growth – addressing climate change, increasing fuel diversity and energy security, eliminating air and water pollution, lowering energy costs for remote communities, and, for many, all of the above. What we all agree on is the importance of supporting the rapid growth of our global clean energy economy, in particular, energy efficiency and a diversity of renewable resources such as solar, wind, hydro, sustainable biomass, and geothermal.

Founded in 2009, the CEM advances cooperation on clean energy among a group of countries encompassing around 90 percent of global clean energy investment. Having tasted success over the first five years, our countries and the European Commission are the inaugural members of a new CEM steering committee that will help guide the effort into a more ambitious stage of “CEM 2.0.”

Here are just two examples of CEM success to date. Drawing upon collaboration in the CEM, India became the first country in the world to comprehensively set quality and performance standards for super-efficient LED lighting, potentially avoiding the equivalent of 90 coal-fired power plants of emissions. Since 2011, the CEM’s Clean Energy Solutions Center has provided no-cost, high-quality, and real-time expert advice to more than 80 countries around the world. For example, the Solutions Center helped Caribbean countries set an ambitious sustainable energy target of 47 percent for 2027 that will help reduce their dependence on expensive oil-fired electricity generation.

We know that we can do more, and our Merida Ministerial set us on this course:

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